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GAVE is a government programme that supports the development and introduction of climate-neutral fuels in the Dutch transport sector. The programme's most important task is to support the implementation of the European Renewable Energy Directive into Dutch national legislation with respect to biofuels. This EU Directive states that, by the year 2020, 10% of the energy used in the transport sector must be derived from renewable energy.
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Subsidy for developing more efficient biofuels
Date published: Jan 21, 2009
The University of Amsterdam (UvA), Solarix BV and Yellow Diesel BV have been allocated a subsidy of one million euro in order to develop and produce biofuels more efficiently. This subsidy has been granted under the scope of the EOS (short-term energy research) scheme, which is implemented by SenterNovem. The funding is part of an R&D project (budget 1.5 million) to synthesise and commercialise a new type of biodiesel.

A new type of catalytic convertor and a new design mean that this new synthesis process optimises the use of raw materials, as it produces almost zero waste. The new biodiesel is cheaper, burns better and reduces soot emissions. The process can also use oil/fat residue as a raw material.

The project is a joint venture between the Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry Group headed by prof. dr. Gadi Rothenberg (UvA), Yellow Diesel BV (a spin-off company under UvA Holding BV headed by dr. Alexandre Dimian - an expert in chemical process design), and Solarix BV, a Dutch biodiesel manufacturing company established by drs. ing. Jan Hein Hoitsma and ing. Peter van Zwol.

Source: UvA Persvoorlichting
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